The Plunger Spash Guard
The Plunger Splash Guard is a simple solution to an age old problem. It is used with a plunger to loosen clogs and allows pipes to drain freely. It prevents splashes of germ-laden toilet or sink water from splashing and spreading germs. It has broad residential, commercial, and institutional applications.

"PSG is easy to use. With more plunging power, I save money. It’s affordable. It keeps me safe from splashes that mess up our clothes and the floors. I work in hospitals, schools, daycares - all type of germ laden places. I chose to protect myself. I wish I had of thought of it." JBrihm is employed by with Columbus City Schools and has 30 years of janitorial experience. Mr. Brihn is the owner of A-team Janitorial Services Inc.

docNurse practitioner, Kim Jones, with the Scioto Family Practice says, "I highly recommend it! With all of the infectious diseases out there, why wouldn't you protect yourself?"

We ship our products from Columbus, Ohio. Deliveries are made Monday through Friday. After leaving our warehouse, packages take from one to ten business days to reach their destination. To order call (614) 620-3059 or send an email to
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